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Awarded Start-Up Of The Year 2021!

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What an incredible journey it has been. I am so grateful and honored to receive this award. I have been working really hard over the past year or so to get my shop up and running, and creating when I can in my home studio that I hardly realize a year had gone by. With so much changing in the world and my business changing I have come to realize how truly blessed, I am to do what I love..

I would like to thank Womelle Founders for Presenting this award to me It is truly a great honor. I want to also thank friends and family that have supported me and my craft. I would also like to thank all of those who have Liked a post, made a comment on my artwork, followed me on social media, or who has purchased any of my work. Without all of you, i could not have pushed through to where i stand today.

I am more inspired to continue my artwork and to inspire others to express themself with art however that may be. I hope that in the future I can use my skill to help others relieve stress, calm those suffering from PTSD, or health issues or mental health issues,

As a woman, I find that through my art i can have a voice no matter what the circumstances may be. I can express what my words can’t, Being an artist gives me such a powerful outlet. and a platform that can create a dialog that is Engaging..

Did you know I have a backyard homesteading blog?…YESSS, I talk about small-town life, growing your own food, and a healthier lifestyle all while leave in a rural community that i love! You can check that out here at Rule your Rural. If you like to would get a more in-depth interview you can read my piece done on me in Womelle Maginze, The Grass to Grace An Artist Story.

Thank you again to everyone, Well see you in the studio!

Tamara 🙂

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