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Happy Black History Month!

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Welcome Back!

It has been quite the month already and it is only February 5. Well,l I have been really busy in the studio over the last few days working on some paintings around black history month. Now more than ever The celebration of black history and the role that black people have played in American history as well as around the world is a powerful untapped resource of knowledge.

So this month I am choosing to do some of my favorite black influencers of history, Some well know and some not so much but all are Iconic, Here is a sneak peek at works in progress.

I love using mixed media to create. This is Trail brazing MLK, The colors I use are bright and bold, I am using what is called the swipe technique. to create these beautiful cells pushing through the black paint. It is very satisfying to create these swipe paintings, watching the painting come alive is always a treat.

One of my favorite poeple Dr, Maya Angeluo, I did this in shades of pink one of her favorite colors. These are not finished so stay tuned for what I do next!

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